RunCloud launches early access phase

12 December, 2023

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Today, on the 4th May 2023, our two year long beta program has ended and we are now in our early access phase.

During the KUBE100 (the name for our beta period) over 4000+ developers from 113 joined us, taking part in surveys, feedback sessions and bug bashes, fine tuning or Kubernetes platform for launch.

We are now officially in our early access phase which means RunCloud is now production-ready and open for business.

We offer Kubernetes as a service, powered by Rancher Labs K3s distribution, with all the tooling and features you'd expect. Backed up with super-fast sub 90s cluster launch times, a simplified Kubernetes experience, and transparent pricing from just $4 a month.

In addition to this, we also offer traditional infrastructure as a service (IaaS) compute platform.

Our HEAD R&D Petru Burdian explains the thinking behind and RunCloud...

“Our mission at RunCloud is to simplify Kubernetes for developers of all levels,” said Petru Burdian, CEO and co-founder of RunCloud.

"We are firm believers in the innovative possibilities of open-source containerisation technology. However, until now users have not been well-served by the choices on the offer in the market today, especially those offered by the hyperscalers. They are expensive and overly complicated in many areas. Developers just want to get going quickly and not spend time and effort managing infrastructure."
“Supported by our thriving user community, we are incredibly proud to move out of beta with the first production-ready K3s platform – a fully CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution that offers all the functionality of Kubernetes in an optimised form. This means it costs less to run and is much faster to start a cluster."
“Thanks to the tireless effort of our brilliant tech teams, we expect soon to be able to deliver a sub-30-second launch time for users. For the developer who wants to test an application or provider quickly but without compromise, this is a great selling point."

You can now sign up for an account and get started here.

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